Marketing And Marketing Of Starbucks

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2. How responsive is your company to difference among nations? Does it vary its products and marketing message from country to country? Should it? Starbucks is active when it comes to expansion into other countries. The organization adapts their products in order to fit local tastes and preferences. This strategy is has been well received and profitable in all locations the company has penetrated. Starbucks has done an exceptional job strategically determining the consumer tastes and preferences and that are associated globally. Based on this strategy the organization has been able to offer one common line of products to satisfy customer needs around the world. For example, coffee lovers in Latin America may enjoy a bitterer coffee taste over the milder brews that are actually more popular in Asia ( Starbucks prides itself on using little to no advertising. The company uses word of mouth, the perfect coffee mentality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. These methods have allowed the company the ability to continue year end and out to achieve mass revenue. With the being said, the company tries to push the mentality that they are the place you go between work and home. I really think that this works for the organization and there is no real need to advertise or increase marketing. I feel that the message is consistent across the world and this seems to work for the organization. I have noticed recently that there has been some Starbucks

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