Marketing And Newsletter Marketing Strategies

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ConAir is a airline company and has encountered the problems with its successful marketing strategies, which gives rise to a loss of market shares. In this report, it is mainly focusing on coming up with two forms of marketing strategies embracing online marketing and newsletter marketing to solve the problem occurred in ConAir airline company. During the whole report, it is important to see the comparison of online marketing and newsletter marketing, and provide some effective and efficient methods to develop it.
The first part is literature review, it is essential to talk about what online marketing and newsletter marketing are in details with strongly findings and make it clear that how those two ways can help ConAir
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Therefore, there is a large amount of types of e-marketing including email marketing, web advertisement, mobile marketing and social media marketing. It is of importance and ubiquity in nowadays society because many business people who never sell anything online always complain there is not sufficient time to do all things in a day(Reyhle, 2015).

It is undoubtedly that e-marketing is able to assist in the ConAir by its popularity. For instance, email marketing, as one of types of e-marketing, is primarily taking advantage of emails to proliferate information, ConAir is more likely to send emails with its content of discount-rate and special flight tickets to attract people. In addition to that, so srtong is the power of social media that it can change the destiny of some people. Amanda Palmer, as a lead singer, pianist and lyricist, regards the Twitter as a promotion tool of conversing with her fans base online and inviting them to gigs. She sold 200 self-made shirts under the help of her brilliant 457000 followers in Twitter. As same as the way, ConAir also can hire a celebrity to do a advertisement online in order to accumulate the attention.

Overall, the development of electronic technology can capitalize on the fact that people have options to pick products to advertise their company by emails, at the meantime, the impact of celebrity in internet is also a excellent way to
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