Marketing And Newsletter Marketing Strategies

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1.Introduction: ConAir is a airline company and has encountered the problems with its successful marketing strategies, which gives rise to a loss of market shares. In this report, it is mainly focusing on coming up with two forms of marketing strategies embracing online marketing and newsletter marketing to solve the problem occurred in ConAir airline company. During the whole report, it is important to see the comparison of online marketing and newsletter marketing, and provide some effective and efficient methods to develop it. The first part is literature review, it is essential to talk about what online marketing and newsletter marketing are in details with strongly findings and make it clear that how those two ways can help ConAir getting out of troubles. The next section is discuss the effectiveness and efficiency of those ways in industry and compare them in terms of prices. Finally, it will be summed all up at the end after the recommendation has been made. 2.Literature review: According to a finding, marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit(Kotler, 2001). Obviously, ConAir airline company does not satisfy the needs of targets so that they are losing market shares. In here, two means can be used to give a hand to ConAir, which are e-marketing and newsletter marketing. 2.1 E-marketing Philip Kotler(2011) notices that e-marketing is identifying, understanding, collaboratively and
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