Marketing And Operating Of A Mobile Application

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INTRODUCTION Uber is an international company founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, USA. It consists in the designing, marketing and operating of a mobile application available on all platforms, ‘Uber’, which enables consumers to call a taxi and track it very easily. Moreover, it is a cashless system that has always been on top of technological advancement, thereby taking the lead over other private hire companies until recently. Uber’s drivers are crowd-sourced and do not need to be certified by the city or local government in which they are operating. Terms of Reference The present report was designed and produced for Uber’s board of managers by [insert deadline]. It seeks to explore the company’s main sources of…show more content…
All the sources used in the main report are referenced in the bibliography. Findings Main competitor: Lyft In an ongoing online survey investigating users’ preference of Lyft or Uber, on April 17th, 2015 at 6pm, 50.23% of the 2204 respondents (, 2014) replied that they preferred Uber over Lyft. However, this competitive edge is far from conclusive. Indeed, given the small number of respondents with regards to Uber’s international reach (over 50 countries nowadays) and the informality of the survey, it is impossible to draw any conclusions from it, except for the important fact that Lyft is, generally-speaking, Uber’s biggest competitor. The website hosting this poll,, was especially designed to compare both companies, offer discounted deals and information for potential users and drivers. It offers useful insight into both companies’ strategies and philosophies for non-professional audiences, comparing prices, affordability, usefulness of each company’s mobile applications, and other such practical details. All in all, the results of the comparison are summerised in Fig. 1 Criteria Winner Cost Tie ‘Prime Time’ or ‘Surge Pricing’ Cost Lyft Company Investments and Popularity Uber Safety Tie Customer Support Tie Professionalism Uber Service and Experience Lyft Driver Benefits and Perks Tie Legality Tie The App Tie Fig.1: Comparing Lyft and uber
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