Marketing And Operations Strategy Paper

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This paper will propose a Marketing and Operations Strategy that will be presented to the Board of Directors. After completing the research, a company will have the knowledge to assess market segmentation, channels of distribution and logistics, supply chain management, and marketing research tools (Northcentral University). Companies are investing more money in their marketing and operation divisions to remain competitive in the business environment. For a company to remain competitive with their competition in business, it is imperative for a company to be up-to date on the latest technologies because without an effective marketing and operation strategy it could determine if a company will see an increase or decrease in productivity. …show more content…

To increase logistics efficiency, the company must maximize storage by evaluating the current procedures by employing competent staff, applying strategic sequencing and employing a vertical storage approach to make use of the available space.
The current management of information systems, product development, and product sourcing methodologies has led to lower results than expected. It is necessary for the company to apply new supply chain management systems to build an efficient and competitive product and service infrastructure, net value, synchronize the supply of goods and to be able to measure the company’s performance.
The current one on one market research tool is insufficient to gather the relevant market information needed by the company since it takes a lot of time for a single company representative to interview a single consumer to get relevant feedback (Smith, 2013). Other efficient market research is tools be employed to collect more information in a short span of time. These alternative tools include, focus groups, which will aim at determining effective messages that sent to clients. Additionally, use of surveys such as online questionnaires to collect ideas, opinions. and information from consumers may be effective especially for collection of quantitative and qualitative data (Freeland, 2012).
Market Segmentation sole purpose is for a company to identify and target specific consumers to launch and brand

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