Marketing And Product Mix For Snapple

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Summary of Negotiation
1. The parties in this negotiation includes the VP of Sales and Distribution, the VP of R&D, the VP of Production, the VP of Customer Relations, the VP of Marketing, the VP of Finance, and the VP of Corporate Planning for Quaker Oats.
2. On November 3, 1994, Quaker Oats acquired Snapple at $14 a share, for a total of $1.7 billion. Quaker Oats top management believes that too much was paid for Snapple.The management has created a task force of seven top managers to ensure the expensive investment will produce a high rate of return. The task force must make strategic decisions concerning the marketing and product mix for Snapple for the upcoming year. Tactics such as making Snapple products distinctive, listening to
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These members are most likely the individuals agreeing that Snapple was acquired for too much. These parties will also have interests in the product mix, price, image, and ingredients; however, they might have different opinions for these interests. For instance, the VP of Marketing will hold changing the company image and label as a primary tangible issue; whereas, the VP of Finance will most likely hold price as a primary tangible issue. Likewise, The VP of Finance will most likely hold the breakdown of the product mix as a secondary tangible issue.
3. Due to the fact that all seven of the task force managers work for Quaker Oats, I believe an integrative negotiation approach would be the most beneficial. This would be the best approach as maintaining the relationship between the members is vital. Verbal and nonverbal communication will be important, as body language and tone will greatly contribute to the other person’s perception of you. The parties should all be willing to compromise on the interests, be specific, share relevant information, and not take cheap shots at one another.
Bargaining Range
1. If unable to reach my target point, my BATNA would be to seek other opportunities that would bring the company a higher yield and secure my job or I would seek opportunities with

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