Marketing And Supply Chain Perspectives Essay

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Businesses dedicate a great amount of their time and resources to increase productivity and grow economically. Marketing and supply chain perspectives are essential to an organization because it is the way in which products are introduced to future customers. Its main objective is to expand profit in an organization. Reading through parts 3 and 4 of KPIs, provided me with a better understanding of the importance of marketing in an organization. Companies are required to develop critical KPIs to succeed and maximize profit. Even though there are many KPIs, such as market growth rate, brand equity, customer online engagement level, social networking footprint, and many more, that are necessary to increase profit in a business, I believe that customer satisfaction is the key to success. Understanding supply chain perspectives was a bit more complicated for me. After reviewing the material, I realized that companies need to find ways to differentiate from other companies. Supply chain strategies help companies make their products more desirable by consumers. Once again I concluded that customer satisfaction is the most important KPI in an organization. Just like marketing strategies, supply chain strategies also target customers. They are a chain of dependent activities that, if used consistently, collaborate to target the highest levels of customer service at a lower cost. As a customer, I understood marketing up to a certain level. I believed that marketing should always
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