Marketing Approach Integrating Testing Into The Overall Marketing Strategy

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Business organizations need to evolve marketing approach integrating testing into the overall marketing strategy (Carcia).Testing is a discipline that requires planning and process to have a successful execution. Organizations that go beyond organizational inertia are well positioned and capitalize the opportunities afforded by testing. Most of the companies use 1 to 5 tests from simple A/B testing to sophisticated team moving from multivariate testing to personalization every month. In this context, Peterson has suggested some of the prerequisites for successful testing: 1. Utilize a great testing team: A team of people with sound knowledge, skill and expertise in web analytics should be engaged to do the website testing. 2. Thing of web analytics: Attention to be paid to the process of web analytics to form hypothesis to test. 3. Mind for deeper opportunities: One should go deep to do multivariate testing and site optimization. A typical testing process involves a brainstorming session, test ideas for improving website, make small changes and see mixed or no result. Whereas, an ideal testing process requires user research data, lots of testing ideas and continuous process of learning or improvement. Rusonis (2014) informed that Ellis and Lillis recommend the five step framework (listed below) for setting up a website testing. 1) Finding best opportunities • Find top highest bounce rate pages: It is important to identify pages with high bounce rate as it implies that users

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