Marketing Approach to Ben Shermann Essay

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A Report on Marketing Approach and Strategies of Ben Sherman.

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Table of contents

1. Executive Summary 3

2. Introduction 4

3. Marketing Approach 4

4. Research Objectives 6

5. Research Conclusion 7

6. Personal Observation 8

7. Group Achievement 9

8. Recommendation 10

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Executive Summary

Ben Sherman
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Prof. Tousely state marketing information is “ the relevant fact used in making marketing decision”. Marketing decision should be made in timely manner because it may not be possible to solve today’s problem with yesterday’s solution.

Currently Ben Sherman is facing dilemma in many of it’s strategies from product or market orientation to integrate it’s marketing strategies and expansion of product life cycle to develop new market for it product. For this reason it is vital for the company to use appropriate research and strategies to compete and sustain efficiently in its target market.

The company should use different marketing research and approaches to keep up to date information of customers demand and market trend so that it can achieve it’s stated objectives. According to Kotler and Armstrong (2008) marketing research is all about “collecting information, assessing, analysis, systematic design and reporting of relevant data” for the marketing of goods and services in a given market situation.

Marketing Approach:

The marketing research has different elements and could be related with the market size, nature, product, packaging, economic, promotional and sales. Ben Sherman can collect the information of it’s customer and market from either primary source which can be obtain through different techniques or it can be obtain from secondary sources which is already available for access.

The major approaches to conduct marketing research for Ben

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