Marketing As A Business Philosophy

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The concept of marketing to many people can often be simply perceived as trying to sell a product. Although, marketing is much broader than trying to sell products, it’s a philosophy that is complex which has many internal and external factors that all link back to the customer and value, which benefits should exceed the costs for both exchanging parties. This essay will initially explore the focus of marketing as a business philosophy and then explain the rationale behind the idea of successful marketing by providing essential information on the marketing concepts. The essay will then focus on the theory behind customer value and how it is subdivided into four segments whilst highlighting the different types of value that is associated…show more content…
For Zoos Victoria even though it would be the adult who acts as the purchasing agent, marketing their membership to children would also be a focus as this would benefit them as they are a user of the product.
From a similar perspective (Drummond & Ensor, 2005) elucidates that business philosophy of marketing is that the provider offers goods and services to the customer, and the customer in return offers a purchase, support and loyalty. This relationship between the customer and provider is successful when both of them receive value, meaning the benefits from the exchange outweigh the costs they outlay. As for the zoos membership when the joining of a membership occurs the zoo (who is the provider) benefits from the transaction with the purchase of the membership, and the loyalty of choosing to visit the three zoos of Victoria. In return the customer receives the benefit of obtaining a membership and being able to visit any of the three Victorian zoos at their discretion.
Understanding marketing may not be as simple some people may think it is. According to Kotler, Shaw, Fitzroy and Chandler (1983) marketing can be actually controversial because so many people can be involved and affected by marketing in many ways. In relation to the membership certain people may think that the marketing of producing a zoo membership is unnecessary and is just another form of the zoos to generate money. However some other may think that the idea of
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