Marketing Aspect for Spa Feasibility Study

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A. Marketing Aspect Market Description The target market of the said business is the college students of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University located at La Purisima St., Zamboanga City. The segment and its description are: Students – These are the college students of the university, heterogeneous when it comes to defining their courses and in terms of demographics, there is no limit on the age bracket and there is no gender bias. With this market, the proposed business would have an advantage, since the target market is readily available and has the buying power, thus, with significant calculations and marketing strategies, the business would be profitable. But the proponents are not limiting the possibilities of having other markets…show more content…
The projected increase in demand will also impose future considerations such as offering new types of services that the target market would like to avail and new facilities to acquire. Projected Supply Table 1.2 Projected Supply | Year | Total Supply | 2013 | 2,880 | 2014 | 2,938 | 2015 | 2,997 | 2016 | 3,057 | The maximum capacity of the proposed business operation is ten customers a day. This will give us a projected 2,880 projected supply for the first year. The projected supply is derived from multiplying the number of capacity per day versus the operating days of the spa. The five year projection is availed through the use of the 2% increase population that was gathered earlier. See Annex b for the computations. Nature of Supply Table 1.3 Competitor | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | Bio care | 1,210 | 1,234 | 1,258 | 1,284 | Body and Sole | 1,546 | 1,576 | 1,608 | 1,640 | Bio Essence | 941 | 960 | 979 | 998 | Others | 3,024 | 3,084 | 3,146 | 3,209 | Total | 6,720 | 6,854 | 6,991 | 7,131 | Chart1.4 The figure shows the market shares of the proposed spa business and of the competitors. We can see that the highest percentage is the others. The others include those spa businesses which are not in the list of our chosen major competitors such as Biocare and Body and Sole which means that the target market have other options as to where they will go for a spa service. And the proposed spa business has only a

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