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| Canadian Apparel Federation | Exploratory Research Assignment | Owner June 2, 2012 | Introduction The Canadian Apparel Federation is facing numerous challenges as the apparel industry is very competitive and consumer tastes and preferences are constantly changing. Our study will present some of the major trends developing in the apparel industry and what companies can do to capitalize on the market and distinguish themselves from the competitors. Research Objectives The purpose of study is to identify what a company must do to separate themselves from their competition and how to best retain and attract customers. We will examine what actions are required by companies to become successful in the market. We will…show more content…
(Carlyle). Another really important part of Lululemon’s success has been that they have offered free yoga classes and use local “ambassadors” who embody the Lululemon lifestyle and who promote the brand. A blogger has described the ambassador program as: “A Lululemon ambassador is described as someone who “embodies the lululemon lifestyle and lives the culture.” These people range from local yoga instructors to Olympic athletes. It’s interesting to see how the ambassadors and Lululemon benefit from this program especially when their ambassadors are on a national television show. None of the ambassadors are payed to wear Lululemon clothing, rather they are supported with free product and anything else within reason they may request (Ritchie).” Since the craze of Lululemon had taken off many rival companies such as gap, nike, Nordstorm and others have tried to capitalize on the yoga market. Rival companies have priced their clothing less then Lululemon, however they have not been able to outperform or take loyal customers away from Lululemon. Lululemon has been rated as Top U.S Apparel Companies by Profit Margin and the Fastest Growing Companies from 2008 to 2011 (Business and Company Resource). Lululemon has had one warehouse sale but does not have plans to for anymore in the near future. The company believes that too

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