Marketing Assignment: Charles & Keith Footwear

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Charles & Keith, a well-recognized women’s footwear brand was established in 1996 in Singapore Amara shopping centre by the two young brothers, Charles Wong and Keith Wong. The company began its foreign market venture in 2000. To date, Charles and Keith has a presence in more than 20 major cities around the world. The brand are well-known internationally today with the vision “to be the most admired fashion-forward company” and the mission “to offer high quality products and services, with a commitment to perfection” in mind all the time (Charles & Keith, 2013). 2.0 MARKETING CONCEPTS - THE MARKETING MIX According to Blythe (2012), marketing is a management process which identifies and fulfils customers’ needs and at the…show more content…
The table below briefly list down the positive and negative elements that are faced by Charles and Keith in their daily operations. Strengths Weaknesses • Trendy products with affordable prices • Lack of advertising in traditional media • Highly invest in R&D department • Lack of presence in certain area • Strong management and good leadership • Undifferentiated selling propositions • Convenient location and accessible online • Focusing on customer service and staff quality Opportunities Threats • Growing international and domestic markets • Strong competition in the industry • Growing online market • Rapid change in trends and tastes • Expansion of range of products • Higher cost and difficulty in managing due to various product lines and big store space 4.0 THE ROLE OF DIFFERENT STAKEHOLDERS ON MARKETING DECISIONS According to Business Dictionary (2013), stakeholder refers to a person, a group or an organization that is affected by the business

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