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Marketing plan A/Executive summary In the context of economy, people are busier. Some people don’t have enough time to prepare meals at home; fast food may be one of the best choices instead of going expensive restaurant. Therefore, the company is going to open a fast food restaurant in Hanoi. The company buys a fast-food franchise of McDonald. McDonald’s corporation is the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants; the company sells hamburgers, French fries, chicken, etc. There are many fast food restaurants of McDonald in the world, they operated as franchisee. McDonald serves in 118 countries with 34,000 restaurants (Getting to know us). In 2012, McDonald had annual revenues of $27.5 billion and profits of $5.5 billion…show more content…
To introduce many western foods to the Hanoi cuisine, menus can consist of vegetable, rice or soup. 2.4 Political environment: Government is also impact on our company by regulation about food hygiene and safety. For example, food shall not cause harms to human health and lives or foods label must contain the food quantity, origin of the food (Dung). Therefore, the restaurant has to follow the regulation. 2.5 Natural environment: In Hanoi, the fast food restaurant can easily find raw materials that are needed for production. There is domestically supply, we don’t have to import inputs as vegetable, meat. There is advantage of the new market. 3. SWOT analysis Strengths-strong brand name and image-high technology-hygienic foods | Weaknesses-unhealthy food menu-new employees | Opportunities-population-growth of fast food industry | Threats-competitors-awareness of fast food | 3.1 Strengths The first strengths are brand name and image. Our company has strong brand name in the world. It is the no.1 fast food company by sales. Our image is recognized everywhere. Hence, the company will run smooth and efficiency in the new market. We should base on this strength to develop the restaurant in Hanoi. The next one is technology. With high technology, customers

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