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GROUP ASSIGNMENT MODULE CODE: MKTG 2003 MODULE NAME: Fundamentals of Marketing COMMENCEMENT DATE: 3 MAY 2016 (Group 1) 4 MAY 2016 (Group 2) SUBMISSION DATE: 14 JUNE 2016 (Group 1) 15 JUNE 2016 (Group 2) Notes to students: 1. This is a group assignment. You should have no more than five (5) members in your group. You are to hand in only ONE copy of the assignment. The length of the assignment should be between 2,000-3000 words. 2. All assignments should be type-written, 1½ line-spacing, complete with header, footer and page numbering 3. Assignments should be in a ring-binder or stapled with the prescribed coversheet and grading sheet(s)…show more content…
Instances of plagiarism or any other cheating will be reported to the Academic Board, and will at the very least result in failure of this course. With the Internet, "copy" and "paste" are too easy. It's tempting to grab a paragraph here and a paragraph there and assemble a paper that way. That amounts to plagiarism UNLESS the lifted material is placed in quotes AND accompanied by a citation showing where it came from. Finally, a paper consisting almost entirely of such quotes doesn't make the grade either! We are looking for original work by YOU, not some Internet source. QUESTION Identify a product with at least TWO (2) big rivalries. Some examples you can use are: a) Pepsi and Coca-Cola, b) Milo and Vico, c) Nescafe and Old Town coffee d) Nike and Adidas e) Avis and Hertz f) Federal Express and DHL Express g) McDonalds and Burger King’s And many more……. Write an essay following the topics below:- 1. Executive Summary Explain what is marketing and why is marketing is so important to organizations and businesses. What is the aim of marketing? Why do business rivalries exist? What is the objective of your assignment? 2. Introduction Write a brief summary of the two business rivals you have chosen. Introduce their background, history and the product they are marketing

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