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Executive Summary Bois Bande wine is a local company,that manufactures a sexual tonic wine product. The intention is to position the company as a leader in local wine products, particularly those centered on the male enhancement wine market. I plan to address the need of drinkers that are in need of an energy boost as well as a sexual performance supplement, with the intention of becoming the leader in the enhancement wine industry. Bois Bande tea is based on the same uses of the bois bande plant but caters to women and other more conservative consumer. It enhances energy and libido, as well as stamina but is 100% natural with no additives.

My product is called Bois Bande Wine. The main active
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Because the awareness of the plant is so high, the public has already formulated pre conceived notions about the effectiveness of the product. * Featuring celebrities in ads with the product tends to raise the awareness of the product.

Weaknesses * The wine is very potent and can increase blood flow significantly if consumed in large amounts. Older consumers are advised to consult their doctor before heavy use.

Opportunities * A Strong research team allows us to work on product development and it is important in finding better, cheaper and more efficient ways to extract the necessary components * The demand is high for local aphrodisiacs
* The sexual nature of the product will restrict our marketing somewhat because we cannot market to children and would have to present out public with a censored approach
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