Marketing At Hardee's Food Systems, Marketing Department From 1978-1989

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consider the subject matter covered in the above course to be of similar content to the knowledge I gained while working at Hardee 's Food Systems, Marketing Department from 1978-1989. Field marketing played a vital role in the strategic development and execution of advertising and promotional campaigns. Our field marketing structure divided the system into seven regions, and deployed a full complement of personnel in each region. I was Regional Director of Marketing, with six Marketing managers, and a regional advertising agency, Advertising Communications Incorporated (ACI). Our national agency, Benton & Bowles (B&B) supplied strategic direction, television planning and buying, and creative development. I utilized these resources to…show more content…
Additionally, our system incorporates the talents of seven regional agencies, and numerous local agencies employed by franchise groups across the country. I have also benefitted by association with marketing, sports, and public relation agencies such as Sosa Associates, San Antonio; Howard Marlboro Group, New York; Image Marketing, Charlotte; Ogilvey Mather Public Relations, Atlanta; Alcone Associates, Los Angeles; Strottman Associates, Los Angeles; Retail Resolve, Steamboats Springs, Colorado; and working relationships with Coca Cola, Atlanta, and Pepsi, Purchase, New York to gain valuable practical knowledge of all aspects of advertising over the last sixteen years. I have been taught by these agencies, and ultimately supervised, personnel in all of them to deliver well thought out, and intrusive advertising for Hardee 's and Burger King. LO 2- Planning We learned planning of the advertising components to be extremely important to be ultimately productive on the business. Integration of tactics in a disciplined approach does cause advertising to be affective to a greater degree. Everything has some degree of value, to achieve a greater degree of success you must sort out the activities that produce the greatest degree of value. We began to analyze our activities to discern the achievers of desired results as compared
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