Marketing At The United Kingdom

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The selection of this event for analysis is based on the fact that it is one of the largest conferences in the marketing area in the United Kingdom. The success of the event has been contributed by the fact that it was held annually for the last 9 years (Chauhan, 2015). The 2015 occasion marked its 9th occurrence. Also, the event brings together marketing professions from different countries. This facilitates the process of enriching the content and the importance of the event within the marketing spectrum globally. Moreover, the conference was centered on the application of digital technology in the process of marketing and ensuring that companies achieve wins in the respective industries of operations. The focus of the conference was to make the conference accessible to marketers across the globe. This has been essential towards ensuring that the conference is effective in developing practical solutions for the problems that marketers have faced in the current digital business environment. The choice of this marketing event by the professionals in different parts of the world is based on the fact it builds on the knowledge of the practice both within and outside UK. Therefore, it is a suitable event that any marketing professional would be interested in attending. The relevance of the concepts that are discussed in the event is also a key factor that influences the choice of the event. The application of the digital aspects that are highlighted during the marketing
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