Essay on Marketing Audit Lite N' Easy

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Marketing Audit: Lite n’ Easy

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 4
2. Introduction 5
3. Relevant Environments 5
4. Competitive Situation Analysis 7
5. SWOT Analysis 8
6. Position on the GE (General Electric) Grid 9
7. Market Research Needs 10
8. Consumer Behaviour Issues Relevant To The Purchase And Consumption Of Product 12
9. Target Segments and Core Benefits 14
10. Positioning Strategy 16
11. Product and Branding Strategy 18
12. Pricing Strategy 20
13. Distribution Strategy 21
14. Promotion Strategy 22
15. Customer service and relationship activities 24
16. Implementation Issues 25
17. Conclusion 29
18. Bibliography 30
19. Appendix
A. Interest rate table
B. Petrol and crude oil prices
C. Malow’s hierarchy of
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Discretionary income is “what is left of disposable income after paying for necessities” (Quester et al, 2007, p. 744). Because of the characteristics of the services provided such as comfort level offered (i.e. home delivery), customers tend to be loyal and stay longer with the program.

Company: Lite n’ Easy, an Australian-owned company, has been providing their services for over
15 years. Owner, Graham Mitchell designed a weight-loss program in which customers have the conveniences of healthy, home-delivered meals. As part of the weight-loss program, Lite n’ Easy offers personal fitness and dietician counselling to their customers. According to Lite n’ Easy, “the combination of superb quality food, great value for money and the convenience of having everything done for you and delivered to your door” (Lite n’ Easy, 2007) is the source of their success. Competitors: Competitors are “other organizations either offering or with considerable potential for offering rival products or services” (Bartol, Tein, Matthews, Ritson, Scott-Ladd, 2006, p. 496). The weight-loss industry is competitive, however only Lite n’ Easy offers home-delivery, which differentiates it from other leading competitors. Of the many competitors, Jenny Craig is the main market competitor due to their similarities in weight-loss program and limited delivery areas.

3.2 External Marketing Environment

Lite n’ Easy’s
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