Marketing Audit Of The Kathmandu Holdings Limited Essay

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This report incorporated the detailed marketing audit of The Kathmandu Holdings Limited using different marketing tools like PESTL and SWOT. Here, I have documented the company’s internal environment with supply chain network, store network, core beliefs, values, strengths and weaknesses, the external environment by identifying opportunity and threats, using PESTAL tools. Moreover, this document includes the analysis of targeted customer segments, key drivers of market completion and stakeholders. To abridge the audit, Kathmandu having the core purpose to inspire everyone for adventure and has core competitive advantage of their focused differentiated wide product ranges for outdoor travel and adventure activities. This competitive advantage has enhanced the key strengths the Kathmandu. Apart from that, Kathmandu has all-encompassing knowledge and experience of apparel and equipment sector for outdoor travel and adventure. Moreover, efficient supply chain, low cost production hubs, environmental actions and control over market price as monopolist has strengthen the Kathmandu’s brand image. The key opportunities identified for the Kathmandu in free market economy are huge market for future expansion, possibilities for the new product range using available of technology, infrastructures and high skilled manpower. On the opposite side, the Kathmandu have weaknesses like limited target market, high labour cost due to high skilled manpower, Moreover, currency exchange rates,

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