Marketing Audit Process

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How is a marketing Audit conducted?
We recommend that the following simple three-step procedure be followed when carrying out a marketing audit.

1. Setting the Objectives and Scope

The first step calls for a meeting between the student (the auditor) and a company officer(s) to explore the nature of the marketing operations and the potential value of the marketing audit. If the company officer is convinced of the potential benefits of the marketing audit, he and the auditor (student) will then work an agreement on the objectives, coverage, depth, data sources, report format, and the time period of the audit. A questionnaire covering the entire scope will then be developed ready for the next stage

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Marketing Environment Audit

By marketing environment, we mean both the macro-environment surrounding the industry and the task environment in which the organisation intimately operates. The macro-environment consists of the large scale forces and factors influencing the company’s future over which the company has very little control. These forces are normally divided into economic-demographic factors, technological factors, political-legal factors, and social-cultural factors. The marketing auditor’s task is to assess the key trends and their implications for company marketing action.
However, if the company has a good long-range forecasting department, then there is less need of need for a macro-environment audit.

The marketing auditor may play a more critical role in auditing the company’s task environment. The task environment consists of markets, customers, competitors, distributors and dealers, suppliers, and marketing facilitators. The marketing auditor can make a contribution by going out into the field and interviewing various parties to assess their current thinking and attitudes and bringing them to the attention of management.

Marketing Strategy Audit

The marketing auditor then proceeds to consider whether the company’s marketing strategy is well-postured in the light of the opportunities and problems facing the company. The starting point for the marketing strategy audit is the corporate goals and objectives
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