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Technology: Keebler Company is the first consumer packaged goods division, to utilize the artificial intelligence program. This technology interacts with consumers through instant messaging, mimicking natural conversation to provide recipes based on a person 's stated preferences and mood. Moreover, the program was created by Active Buddy, which has launched other interactive agents such as: Smarter Child, Austin Powers and Elle Girl Buddy (Keebler Recipe Tool. Com). In addition, Keebler made the decision to purse an instant messaging program based on three factors: the increasing popularity of instant messaging, the need for a cost effective way to add frequency to the company 's traditional marketing communications, and the need…show more content…
Has the purchasing process changed" The pricing process has changed after the acquisition of Keebler by Kellogg 's. The current product line of Keebler produces under the umbrella of Kellogg 's, has to maintain its status within the organization. Many of the Keebler product lines has been discontinued due to the amount of liabilities the company has after acquisition. Is there a clear understanding of customer wants and needs? Yes, the understanding is clear to what the customers want and need. The customers want and need quality healthy product at a reasonable price. Are there different market segments? Yes, the marketing segment can be different. As far as, how the company would line is good. Keebler has already established its brand name within the industry. Therefore, it would be costly for Kellogg 's to change the name of the product and redesign its packaging. Are there emerging market segments? Kellogg 's is trying to introduce the Keebler product internationally. After, analyzing the culture of different countries Kellogg 's has research the cultures of the countries that are trying to introduce it product. The company has decided to test one line of the Keebler product internationally (which is the cracker). Have they succeeded? The Keebler cracker product has not been successfully marketed internationally as of yet. What other changes are being contemplated?

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