Marketing Audit of Bic

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Marketing audit BIC

* INDEX 1 MARKETING STRATEGY AUDIT 4 1.1 Business Mission 4 1.1.1 The company’s mission, vision and values 4 1.2 Marketing Objectives and Goals 5 1.3 Strategy 6 2 Product strategy audit 8 2.1 BIC’s product mix 8 2.2 The product lines and their "augmented level" 14 2.2.1 FAQ 15 2.2.2 Contact us 15 2.3 Comparison of BIC’s product mix with its 2 main competitors’product mix 18 2.4 Expansion Strategies 20 2.5 Areas that need improvement considering individual product decisions, product line decisions, product mix decisions and branding strategies 24 3 The pricing strategy audit 24 3.1 The investors’ relations section of BIC web page 24 3.1.1 Pricing objectives 24
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Secondly, they want to continue to invest in the brand across all areas, which strengthen their position and pave the way for future growth in some countries like Australia, Russia and Brazil.
Thirdly, BIC is among the top 20 French companies for including sustainable development in their business strategy. For the upcoming year, they want to continue to develop products with environmental benefits in order to display their eco values on their packaging and to implement their policy of excellence in the factories while reducing CO2 and developing their employee’s skills. In parallel, they will pursue their commitment to enabling their consumers to make responsible choice.
Finally, they will keep conquering market shares in developed and developing countries by combining quality with low prices. * How BIC guides the marketing planning and performance measurement
We think that they have stated clearly the marketing planning and performance measurement because in its annual report and in its sustainable development report we found the marketing activities (e.g., e-marketing, promotional items, express yourself stationery marketing) that the company has done and it will continue doing, and their corresponding benefits and results. * The marketing objectives given the company’s competitive position, resources, and

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