Marketing Audit of Nestlé Crunch Essays

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Marketing Audit of Nestlé Crunch

Nestlé Crunch is a famous chocolate confectionery in the US market, and take up almost 2% market share of the total (Barton 2014). This market audit will be split into three section, and separately analyze the business environment, marketing mix and STP (Segmentation, targeting and positioning). Finally, a conclusion will be drawn in the end of this assignment.

Business environment analysis:
In this part, it will analysis the business environment by using PEST model, Competitor analysis and consumer behavior
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Also, it seemed that the financial crisis had less influence on middle and high income quintile about their spending in food, because their percentage of income spending in food had gradually decreased after 2004. These two data shows that the world were recovered from the recession and expenditure on foods would increase in the next year. | | Table 1: GDP per person (World Bank, 2014) | Table 2: The Engel’s Law in the USA (Bellemare, 2011) |

PEST Analysis - Social:
Social-cultural environment consists of the youth market, lifestyles, demographic change, etc. Chocolate is a typically sweet snacks, it have high cognition among the people, the main function of chocolate confectionary is always used to satisfy hunger or to reward. As Barton (2014) indicated, the age between 25 and 54 consumed more than 50% of the chocolate confectionery. Meanwhile, woman consumed six percent more chocolate confectionery.

PEST Analysis - Technology:
Though the development of science and technology change rapidly, there are few change in the technology of making new chocolate confectionary. However, the output and delivery speed can be influenced with an improvement in the manufacturing line and physical distribution, and the Nestlé should keep developing the technology such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system), which can also form a barrier for new entries.

Competitor analysis – Macro:
As Barton (2014) indicated, Nestlé Crunch is in the category of confectionary

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