Marketing: Burberry Target Audience

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Burberry target audience is designed for both sexes however it is dominated by the female target audience who have a high disposable income. The brand has their own childrenswear range which can appeal to parents but are likely to be people from wealthy backgrounds. Burberry is famous for appealing to celebrities who purchase coats and dresses which have a high end appeal. Burberry focuses more on customer value in order to attract and retain costumers. With the aim to achieve this by producing a marketing concept by meeting and exceeding costumer needs then their rivals. In this essay I will be outlining the ways in which Burberry has been marketed and so focusing on the four ‘P’s’ of marketing. The approaches taken to market the brand…show more content…
Distribution channels consist of organisations where goods pass in the direction of the customer, while producers need to manage their relationships with organisations in order to provide a cost efficient way into the marketplace. Burberry currently has 206 mainline stores, 214 concessions, 49 outlets, and 65 franchise stores (Burberry, n.d). These are located in largely populated, wealthy and tourist attractive cities, this is important as a huge number of the population fall into the Burberry target audience. If Burberry were to open in less wealthy cities, they may not get as much custom and may lose profit. In addition the brand may lose its sense exclusivity and expenditure. Price is an important factor in Burberry as price affects the value that costumers perceive they get from buying a product (Jobber & Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). Burberry uses competitive pricing similar to its competitors which produces a psychological effect on Burberry customers (Jacobson, n.d). If Burberry for example lowered its price dramatically then customers may believe the quality has decreased and may presume it’s not worthy to be named a luxury brand. However by being expensive it suggest better quality and desire to sustain its customers as well as making there products seem exclusive. In conclusion Burberry focus’s is not just on its brand name but on the quality and extensive features
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