Marketing C212 Task Essay

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Marketing C212

Knee Scooters of Houston is a home-based, medical mobility device sales and rental company. We provide our customers excellent customer service; including free delivery and pickup for rentals, free delivery for sales, competitive pricing, and ongoing support to customers. We have had tremendous success in our first year of business.
In an effort to maintain the growth and profitability of our business, we propose adding two new products to our rental and sales inventory. The first product, the pediatric knee scooter, and the second, the bariatric knee scooter. While we’ve had much success with the adult knee scooter, we have missed opportunities by not having youth sized and bariatric
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The product cost to us is approximately $150.
As a home-based business, Knee Scooters of Houston has followed a fairly simple CRM System in the past. We’ve used a spreadsheet with pivot tables to determine how many “calls” we’ve received and if it resulted in a sell or rental, and any notes with customer information and comments. “Calls” include actual phone calls, website, and email inquiries. We also differentiate between “customer” and “client”. Our “clients” are primarily medical and physical therapy offices that refer, display, and distribute our marketing materials. While this has served us well in our early business development, we’ve recently started using Salesforce. Salesforce will allow us to keep customer contacts separate from client contacts, track our social media contacts, upload our customer forms to the cloud, offers another real-time conversation options with Chatter, and track marketing, sales, and rental information more thoroughly ( Salesforce has many different options available for marketing and sales and we are eager to have the mobile connectivity with our clients and customers that Salesforce can provide.
With the success of the past year, and our desire to improve our business and customer experience, we’ve decided to add these products for three reasons: customer inquiries, colleague inquiries, and customer feedback. We received 27 calls in the past year from customers wishing to rent

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