Marketing Campaign For Jay Z 's Biography And A Hypothetical Creative Campaign

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A global advertising agency with offices in New York and London, Droga5 works across numerous platforms such as traditional media, digital and social media as well as experiential marketing platforms. Along with the agency, founder and Creative Chairman, David Droga, has worked with clients such as Google, CNBC, and Sprint (Droga5, 2017). However, the creative agency has done incredible creative work with Rapper Jay-Z and Bing. This document will examine Droga5’s marketing campaign for Jay Z’s Biography and a hypothetical creative campaign. The Rapper Jay-Z, born Shawn Corey Carter released a memoir called Decoded and Droga5 New York (Drogra5) was tasked with creating and launching a marketing campaign for the biography (Droga5,…show more content…
Consecutively, fans were directed to each location of the hundreds of pages through Bing’s online game utilizing Facebook and Twitter. Thus Bings Search and Maps were used by millions to locate and digitally reassemble Jay-Z’s Biography prior to its release. The results of the integrated marketing campaign where everyone benefited Jay-Z, Drogra5, Bing as well as the fan. Jay-Z’s biography called Decoded was on the bestseller list for 19 weeks straight and fan Facebook follower penetration increase by 1 million. The campaign propelled Bing to the Global Top 10 list and 11.7% visitation growth. In addition, the integrated marketing campaign achieved1.1 billion global media impressions. The fans were not only able to have an interactive experience with the brand and digitally reassemble the book, but Drogra5 offered a grand prize of a ticket to see Jay-Z and Coldplay in Vegas on New Year’s Eve. There were several moving parts in Drogra5’s campaign to effectively execute the duel Microsoft Bing and Jay-Z’s biography marketing strategy. In these types of strategies, it’s important for the marketing campaign to be managed efficiently especially if the communication mix involves both internal and external sources. Therefore, implemented a communication plan and a brief can be critical. The brief would provide guidance to the Drogra5 team in creating those communications

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