Marketing Case Analysis

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MKTG 101 – Principles of Marketing
Group 6
Section 5
Professor Bruce Wilson

Case 12
Paper Products, Inc.
Group Case 1

Prepared by:
Vaccarezza, Andrew M
Jiang, Benson X
Longcrier, Emily N
Benson, Brooke E
Kalachik, Tatyana
Konkel, Meghanne B
Lay, Tiffanie N
Skinner, David

March 21, 2007 TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction 1
Executive Summary 1
Major Relevant Issues 2
Central Problem 2
Implications 3
Alternative Solutions 4
Recommended Solution 5 Introduction

For this case study our group, Group 6, has decided to review Case #12 dealing with Paper Products, Inc. This case study concerns the company PPI and its biggest client, Office Center, Inc. We will begin by considering the major relevant issues in
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This is also an issue because OCI can always lower the price of its own brand to create more sales. Chin must think about who would spend more on PPI’s brand when OCI has a similar quality for a lower price?

Another issue is that there are many competitors out there. These competitors are hungry for business and they are willing to undercut PPI’s price and loose profit just for the business. She must look at what the competitors are offering to the consumers so she can see if she can cut PPI’s price down to match the competitors’ price while continuing to maintain an acceptable profit.

Central Problem

After evaluating a number of issues that affect PPI it all comes to one central problem, how can Chin keep OCI at a relevant level of sales without loosing business to competitors? This includes deciding on the details of a contract, compromising company policy, forming a buying contract with OCI, and considering other market options. Diane needs to present the benefits of contracting with OCI to the president of PPI. He could then see what difference contracting could make and what can be lost if deciding not to form a contract with OCI. This needs to be done by showing the contrast between different implications for accepting and denying OCI’s request while stressing benefits of contracting. There is a chance for redesigning company policy if the presentation impresses the
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