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Marketing Case 3- E-Business at Evo

Marketing Case Three- E-Business at Evo

E-Business is a growing segment of both the wholesale and retail markets. The ease of communication, comparison and the simplicity of the overall shopping experience have led to a boom in online businesses as the internet becomes an increasingly integrated component of our lives. is one of the corporations to ride the wave of e-business and consumers shift towards online shopping. In fact, riding the wave is a perfect metaphor for Evogear as they market and sell discount snowboard, skateboard, and wakeboarding gear online. As an online retailer, Evogear is able to offer a much lower price on their merchandise. This lower price is created due
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Unlike conventional stores, Evogear and other e-businesses face more difficulty in promoting their businesses. For Evo, they depend on word of mouth and affiliate websites. Their affiliate websites typically are of similar subject matter-skateboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding, etc., and include links or ads directing customers back to Evo’s website. In return, Evo provides the affiliate site with a “thank you” of 12% of each completed sale at originating from the affiliate site. E-business has been a growing segment of the retail and wholesale markets since the proliferation of the internet in households began in the early 1990’s. E-business has become an important business model for both new businesses as well as traditional brick and mortar stores to understand in order to reach a growing segment of the population that comparison shops online. Evogear is an excellent illustration of the e-business model and will generate sales for the company for years to

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