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FIN-1103: Principles of Marketing Assignment Details

Dear students, this document will give you the detail idea about your module assignment. This assignment consist two parts i.e. one write up and a presentation. First we discuss about the write up’s outline then about the presentation. Well, let’s see…. The write up: As you know, marketing mainly deals with the value of the product. We have to add superior value to our product to capture the customer base. All the participant of the market makes a value proposition to win the customer and at the end of the day they sell their product. A particular product captures the market according to its level of value creation. In our daily life we see lots of product around us consist this value
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Date and norms of presentation will declared later in due time.

Template prepared for “LUX”: Brief product facts: Lux is a global brand developed by Unilever. The range of products includes beauty soaps, shower gels, bath additives, hair shampoos and conditioners. Lux started as “Sunlight Flakes” laundry soap in 1899. In 1924, it became the first mass market toilet soap in the world. It is noted as a brand that pioneered female celebrity endorsements. As of 2005, Lux revenue is at 1.0 billion euros, with market shares spread out to more than 100 countries across the globe. Today, Lux is the market leader in several countries including Pakistan, Brazil, India, Thailand and South Africa. Lux Developed by Unilever, Lux (soap) is now headquartered in Singapore. Industry analysis: Lux is operating its business in soap industry which consist lots of other brands namely meril, dove, Tibet, sandilina, dettol, lifebuoy, keya, and lots of other imported soaps from around the world. But not all the brands are Lux’s competitor. Among the brands dove and imported brands are real threats for lux. SWOT Analysis: Strengths 1. High brand value 2. Strong distribution network 3. International branding effort Opportunities 1. Growing customer base Weakness

Threats 1. Growing competitors

Marketing Mix: Product Price Soap bar, Body gel in different form Prices are ranging 15- 200 depending
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