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Executive Summary
The purpose of this case report is to analyze Cisco Systems in terms of its successful factors and current issues. The paper will discuss the current market situation, including a S.W.O.T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) as well as some overall objectives and issues regarding to Cisco products. It also comments the implications of the problems in terms of management, the marketing mix, and competition in further detail.
Formulation and evaluation of alternatives are then described in detail including listing both advantages and disadvantages for each issue. The most viable alternative is finally selected. In conclusion, Cisco is advised to keep focus on both markets in China and India. Also, a
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Tragically this is a marketing strategy for Cisco, an American based firm, to sell high technology products in China. “Generally, foreign firms were unable to establish wholly owned subsidiaries in China as the Chinese government banned direct foreign investment.” [4] Unlike most developing countries, China has been facing with extremely active economic activity and large-scale domestic economies. Together with China’s central planning tends to result in infrastructure investments; this is likely to encourage new entrants. Thirdly, Cisco is continuously investing lots of its revenue in researching and developing more advanced technologies. However, it is not worthwhile to do so if there is visually no law to protect them against pirate distribution and illegal activities in China. In contrast to other low-income countries, intellectual property right is also a serious issue to be taken care of caution. Marketing strategy is totally dependent on the specific type of consumers, which may have various needs and require different marketing mixes in terms of Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution. For product, Cisco Systems was the inventor of the Internet Protocol (IP) based technology and also enhanced the standard of Voice-over IP (VoIP) through their Research and Development Team at headquarter in Silicon Valley, Seattle. Cisco has been designed, manufactured, and distributed

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