Marketing Case Study

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Chapter 22: Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization


Multiple Choice

1. ________ is the appointment of teams to manage customer-value–building processes and break down walls between departments. a. Reengineering b. Outsourcing c. Benchmarking d. Supplier partnering e. Customer Partnering
Answer: a Page: 696 Level of difficulty: Easy

2. ________ is the greater willingness to buy more goods and services from outside domestic or foreign vendors. a. Benchmarking b. Merging c. Globalizing d. Outsourcing e. Accelerating

Answer: d Page: 696 Level of difficulty: Easy

3. ________ is the study of “best practice companies” to improve
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departmental head d. interns e. none of the above
Answer: b Page: 697 Level of difficulty: Medium

16. The main advantage of a functional marketing organization is it ________. a. ease of reporting b. reduced staff requirements c. administrative simplicity d. overlapping responsibilities e. increased work load requirements
Answer: c Page: 697 Level of difficulty: Medium

17. A functional marketing organization can lose its ________ as products and markets increase. a. focus b. effectiveness c. leader d. reporting relationships e. vice president
Answer: b Page: 697 Level of difficulty: Medium

18. A company selling in a national market often organizes its sales force along ________ lines. a. territory b. geographic c. psychographic profiles d. convenience e. product lines
Answer: b Page: 698 Level of difficulty: Easy
19. Several companies are new adding ________ to support the sales efforts in high-volume markets. a. behavior specialists b. consumer specialists c. area market specialists d. regional managers e. district managers
Answer: c Page: 698 Level of difficulty: Medium

20. Improved information and marketing research technologies have spurred regionalization. This has allowed firms to produce more ________ aimed at consumers in their cities and neighborhood. a. national programs b. multiple programs c. local programs d. product specific programs e.

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