Marketing Case Study Essay

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Marketing Case Study

Marketing Mix:

The term marketing mix is used to describe the all the options available to the marketing manager in order to market a particular good or service. It is often referred to as the 4P’s(i.e Product, Place, Promotion, and Place)

The Product Variable: This aspect of the marketing mix deals with researching consumers’ product wants and designing a product with the desired characteristics. This is a very important element of the marketing mix because it directly involves creating products and services that satisfy consumers’ needs and wants.

The Place Variable: To satisfy consumers (i.e their needs and wants), products must be available at the right time and in a convenient location. In dealing
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When marketing managers attempt to develop and manage their product it is extremely important that they look at various different aspects;

1. Those relating to the marketing mix: which the company has control over because they are able to develop their marketing strategies depending on the consumers’ needs and wants.

2. Those that make up the marketing environnment: which include elements that the company has little or no control of (e.g certain government rules and regulations).

3. Market opportunity analysis: this exists when a company is given the chance to take action towards researching a particular group of customers.

4. Target market selection: which involves selecting a group of potential customers for whom a firm creates and maintains a marketing mix that specifically fits the needs and wants of that particular group.

5. Marketing Management: this is the process of planning, organising, implementing, and controlling marketing activities to facilitate changes effectively and efficiently.

By using this type of marketing strategy organisations are given the opportunity to market a very successful product, so it would be true to say that the marketing mix and its manipulation are vital for the success of a business. However, their good or service may only be successful if the organisation provides products that satisfy consumers’ needs and

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