Marketing Case Study : Sunglass Hut

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Melissa Gugale
December 6, 2016
Marketing 300- Professor O’Neal
Final Marketing Plan
Executive Summary: Sunglass Hut is an international retailer of sunglasses and sunglass accessories. The main objective of SunLease, the rentable sunglass segment of Sunglass Hut, is to provide another service of providing sunglasses to our current customers and to also attract new customers. Sun-Lease will allow consumers to rent sunglasses for a certain amount of time and return them for another pair. This will foster individuality, creativity, and style through affordable and flexible access to the latest trends in sunglasses.
Current Marking Situation: SunLeases’ target market is generation y females in Southern California. The generation y females are the target market because they represent a trendier, more fashion forward group that would be easy to market to via the web and college campuses. These are women that are in their late teens and early twenties that are interested in affordable luxury items, and SunLeases’ strength is giving them less expensive way to access those valuable products. Southern California females are a great target market because Los Angeles and San Diego has perfect sunglass weather year-round and females that have the lifestyle where one pair of sunglasses is just not going to cut it. As far as pricing goes there will be three tiers of pricing, each based off the brand of sunglasses the consumer is interested in leasing. For a pair of sunglasses that

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