Marketing Cell Phones to India

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Part One: Executive Summary Nature of the opportunity 1) India has a young consumer market. a. This will be a potential target market because young adults in the India community want to be up to date with technology. b. Young people of India today are more likely to spend money on technological items. c. India will be advertising cheaper cell phones throughout the country so that more young people can afford them based on their income. d. With India’s increasing GDP and average income, younger people will benefit from this growth and purchase more expensive goods. 2) The cell phone trend is going to take off within the next couple of years throughout India. a. Rise in per-capita will allow people to spend more on luxury…show more content…
This will work to our advantage when working with our partner Vodaphone. High regulatory fees and the lack of cheaper entry-level phones are key factors affecting the growth of this market. India’s government also has an established system of commercial laws based on British common law. This is very similar to the United States and the learning curve would not be that hard. Having a stable Government makes it much easier for a US company to travel into a different country. India also features well established recognition and protection of intellectual property rights. India also has commitment to product quality control and consistency in manufacturing sector Due to these factors distributing cellular phones in India provides a great opportunity with the potential to amass a surplus of income with minimal financial risk. Risk assessment There are a few things that we have to worry about when entering the market. First is there are already established companies in the region that we would compete with so it will be hard to create a brand image. When we introduce our product it would be difficult to have a large market share due to the context of India’s culture. Since India takes a long time to adapt to a brand, becoming a cellular service provider would likely be an unprofitable business due to the fact that there are many established brands. However, selling our product to an established
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