Marketing Challenge At The 2013 Toronto 's Intercamp Classic Annual Charity Event

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Marketing Challenge This report will discuss the situation faced by Josh Howard as at October 2012 in regards to the 2013 Toronto’s Intercamp Classic Annual Charity event. The marketing challenge is to raise 25% more money during the 2013 event than the $125,000 raised in 2012 and amounts to a donation goal of $156,250. The 2013 event is scheduled for May 5, 2013 and the kickoff campaign launches in two months. Based on internal and external analysis, a comprehensive marketing plan that addresses the product, placement, price, promotion and target market of the Intercamp Classic will be developed to overcome the outlined marketing challenge.
Corporate Capabilities Since the establishment of the event in the spring of 2010, the
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In 2011, a female handball division was created and a male flag football division geared towards high school students was added in 2012. While both expansions were met with impressive growth in size and donations, a large portion of the Classic’s human resources had to be devoted to accommodate the expansions and time constraints that Howard currently faces could potentially limit future expansions.
Industry Analysis The trend of the increasing emphasis for businesses to be socially responsible presents an opportunity for corporate sponsorships. These sponsorships can either supplement donations made by participants or provide an alternative, more acceptable, source of financing for marketing initiatives. Therefore, more funding can be allocated to the marketing budget which increases the promotional alternatives Howard can utilise. Additionally, as a result of the same social trend, companies sometimes offer discounts for not for profit organisations which further increases the financial capabilities of the Classic in affording promotional materials.
Competitive Analysis Although Howard does not identify any specific competition, the Classic does compete with other charity events. The competitive advantage that most charity events like the Intercamp Classic have is that they operate a silent auction and raffle

Consumer Analysis The market can be segmented into three consumer groups: 16 to 30 year olds and 31 to 50 year olds who

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