Marketing Challenges Of Harley Davidson

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Harley-Davidson is a US based company that makes motorcycles. This company was started in 1903 by William S Harley and Arthur Davidson. This company manufactures products that are associated to be used for leisure activities and also offers financial assistance inform of credit to its customers. The company has been a stand-alone in terms of competition within its market. The industry this company exists has stiff competition with both recession and depression but it has remained in a position to beat competition. There are several reasons which has helped this company to beat the Japanese, challenges that may result from technological advancements and hardships resulting from motorcycle industry dominated by leisure riders. There are reasons that this company has been able to manage the market challenges and how this US based company is able to…show more content…
This is an industry where studying what satisfies the customer need more suitably is a very key factor. As a result of introduction of overseas products which are no longer least expensive but quite affordable and those that are of wide range to customers and helped the firm gain competitive advantage in the united states and this is a major advantage the company enjoys with control of 55 percent of motorcycle industry belonging to it. There is also a disadvantage that may result from the changing market demands and this is a wide variety from overseas. Some customers have a tendency of different tastes for products. One time they buy a product from one manufacturer but the second time they want to buy the same product they change the manufactured. In short they are tasting how the same product from different manufactures satisfy their need. This may pose a very negative challenge in case of such customers being part of their key target customers since if they buy from them one time next time they switch off to another

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