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Question: Should companies involve their marketing channels in the design of the promotional programs? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so? When a company is looking at promoting a new or existing product or service, the involvement of their marketing channel during the design of the promotional program is key component. According to the text Excellence in Business (Bovée, Thill, Mescon; p. 417-418), a market channel is the network of firms that work together to get goods and services from the producer to the customer. When a company is designing is promotional program, or the manner it wishes to get information about its product to consumers, it has numerous factors and stakeholders to involve. Walk into any…show more content…
If you were to begin trying to increase the marketing of the discussed Web site and tried to make logical and emotional appeals to various audiences, you must also understand the five promotional categories as described in Excellence in Business (Bovée, Thill, Mescon; p. 487). Below is a listing of the five categories and the potential emotional and logical effectiveness of each. 1. Personal selling – Highly effective in both emotional and logical appeals because you have direct personal face-to-face access with customer and the ability to have a highly flexible message. 2. Advertising – Highly effective in both emotional and logical appeals by constantly presenting facts/figures and/or emotional messages to large audiences at the same time through various means. 3. Direct marketing – Somewhat effective for emotional appeals, but highly effective for a logical appeal. Direct market typically involves non-personal contact with consumers, which could cause difficulty in creating that emotional appeal. 4. Sales promotions – Highly effective in both emotional and logical appeals. Companies have the ability to offer special promotions to buyers that if they do not like a product they will offer a full refund (emotional), to showing how their product is better than the other company through taste or cost comparisons (logical). 5. Public relations – Somewhat effective for

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