Marketing Communication Campaign Plan For Laura Ashley, Inc. Essay

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Executive Summary

Laura Ashley, Inc. is the “Quintessential English” lifestyle brand with over 63 years of heritage. The company was founded in 1953 by the husband and wife team of Bernard and Laura Ashley with the printing of small runs of headscarves, napkins, table mats and tea towels. Today the company strives to be the ultimate destination brand for women’s wear, and children’s wear and home furnishings. In recent years sales have been sluggish and the brand is not as relevant and popular as once was during their 70’s and 80’s “hay days”. As a result, there’s a need to adapt to change in new technology and the purchasing habits of the millennials generation of consumers. This report will provide an Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign Plan for Laura Ashley, Inc. that will create an opportunity to increase sales and capture new customers among the target audience. Our target market is female consumers between the ages 23-29. To better build our business we have developed a marketing campaign to attract the attention and interest of that age group and appeal to our existing customers through various communication channels.

Introduction The ever changing market place requires constant interaction and communication with consumers. In doing so, it will be important for Laura Ashley to release an impactful and relevant campaign that speaks directly to the target audience. This campaign will consist of a full integration of marketing. It will have one message
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