Marketing Communication Creative Brief and Imc Plan

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Content Page Executive Summary 3 1. Situation Analysis 3 1.1 Internal Analysis 3 1.2 External Analysis 4 1.3 SWOT 4 2. Identification of Marketing Problem or Opportunity 5 2.1 Marketing Problem 5 2.2 Marketing Opportunity 5 3. Marketing Objectives 5 4. Positioning 6 5. Communication Objectives 7 6. Campaign Budget 8 6.1 Budgeted Costs 9 7. Campaign Target Audience 11 7.1 Brand Loyalty 11 7.2 Creative Targets 12 7.3 Behavioural Sequence Model (BSM) 13 8. Choice of Media 14 8.1 Traditional Advertising 14 i. TV Commercials 14 ii. Magazines for Young Women (Print Advertisements) 14 iii. Commercials in Cinemas 15 iv. Road Shows 15 v. Billboards/ Decals on MRT Stations 15 vi. Skin Analysis Booth in Health &…show more content…
The use of the ingredients such as VitaNiacin which contains Vitamin B3, sunscreen protection and Vitamin E that is not found in the competitors’ (Lisa S, 2013), are contained in Olay Total Effects. This served as the key differentiation and advantage to Olay Total Effects whereby consumers just have to spend a fixed amount for a 7 in 1 product compared to competitor’s, which would require them to buy two or more products to combat the same signs of aging. There is a gap in a low benefits and high price section. As the consumers tend to be more knowledgeable and price conscious, they would not want to pay a high price for a low quality product that does not satisfies their needs and wants. In addition, it is difficult and costly for company to come out with a high benefits and low price products; thus the presence of the gap. We have also identified that SKll and L’oreal are the closest competitor (Jenna G, 2012) (Lindsay M, 2012). 5. Communication Objectives Majority of the women use skincare products when they realized there is a need to take care of their skin. The aim is to get consumers to purchase Olay when they face an incomplete satisfaction. In order for Olay to stand out to the target market, ongoing promotions and road shows during Olay’s campaign period would create a stronger existence of Olay as a brand. Consumers would learn more about Olay and whilst increasing the

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