Marketing Communication Objective

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Marketing communication objective

Planning is everything when it comes to measuring your success. If you fail to plan, it’s like a sailboat in the middle of the ocean without sails; you have no clue in which direction you will be sailing. This is why developing a marketing communication objective is paramount to your marketing success.
What is marketing communications without having an objective? After all, an objective is the goal intended to be attained, which should be attainable and can be measured. Objectives should also be accomplished within a time period.
Now, having said that, what specifically is a marketing communications objective?
Found in both the marcomm plan and creative strategy statements, the marketing communication
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Support Claims Statement:

➢ While leading competitors offer ‘little burgers for little dollars’, Carl’s Jr. gives you a line of meat filling burgers worth $6 for only $3.99. Because after 60 years and over 1300 restaurants, Carl’s Jr. has become known as the place to go all across the West for juicy, delicious charbroiled burgers.

Tone and Style:

The tone and style used to communicate the message would be presented in a persuasive, friendly, upbeat manner. This would reflect the personality of Carl’s Jr. restaurants while also helping to further segment the target market based on the response to the tone and style of the ads.

Creative Execution:

Since we recommend that a fair percent of the advertising be done with tv and radio various techniques can be used to best present Carl’s Jr. benefits to the target audience. Endorsements is a technique that Carl’s Jr. has already used somewhat successfully and could continue to do so by getting endorsements from celebrities that would be easily recognized and accepted by the target audience. This would include Lindsy Lohan, Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker who could add to the presentation with sexually blatant appeals that could be easily “confused” with benefits of the product. Such as an ad where one of the above
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