Marketing Communication Plan for Mcdonald's

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Marketing Communication Plan EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A marketing communication plan consists of all those steps which are essential for an organization to present its brands in the most effective and competitive fashion (Ferrell & Hartline 2011). In order to operate in the industry profitably and beat the competition to gain a high market share, every organization needs to formulate an effective marketing communication plan for all its long term and short term projects and endeavors (Jenny & Scammon 2010). An effective marketing communication plan not only helps the company in deciding a roadmap for the future, but also enables it to assess its current market standing in the industry (Groucutt, Leadley, & Forsyth 2004). This paper presents a complete marketing communication plan for McDonald's the world's most successful brand in the fast food industry. The paper starts with an ample introduction to the company; its product offerings, nature of operations, geographical locations, number of operational units and employees, and proceeds with its contextual analysis for the overall Global market. The major elements which are discussed in the McDonald's context analysis include customer context, business context, internal context, and external context. This context analysis is helpful in analyzing the company's internal and external environment, competitive position, and other important key issues which impact its operations and profitability in one way or another. The next
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