Marketing Communication Stratergy of Tesco

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Brand heritage Tesco is the largest and most popular supermarket chain in Britain today. They have also branched out into many areas other than groceries as they strive to satisfy their customer's needs in every which way possible. This need to keep their customers happy is of core importance to their brand. Tesco was founded in 1924 and adopted the strategy of ‘pile it high, sell it cheap'; although today's strategy is much more sophisticated than this it does still hold some similarities. They strive to be the best value company in all of the market segments they enter. Over the years Tesco has used a complex marketing strategy in order to successfully communicate this message to their audience. The Tesco brand is associated with…show more content…
For example, other messages include ‘one in front', an initiative set up to make sure customers get served at the till as quickly as possible. ‘Green Clubcard points' is the message being communicated in one of Tesco's most recent campaigns to help the environment. The messages are simple to understand so that they appeal to as broad a range of people as possible, especially as Britain's population is growing ever more diverse. Kanaiya Parekh, Tesco's media service manager states that, ‘Tesco's strategy is always to deliver relevant messages to our customers during their shopping journey' (2005) Many different strategies have been adopted in order to communicate these messages to their audience using a varied range of channels, examples of which can be found in fig2 of the appendix. The most evident means of communication is through POS which accounts for most promotional material within a retail, store-based, environment. Tesco alone has 1,800 stores, 12million Clubcard customers and, at a rough count, 113,000 advertising sites (including basket panels and omitting milk media)' (woods, A 2005) In Tesco's case POS can mean posters, shelf-labels, trolleys and product packaging to mention just a few. POS is a vital medium for carrying messages

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