Marketing Communication : The Chocolate Company, M & M 's

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Marketing communication is very important for marketers and IMC has been widely used by marketers in terms of communicating with customers. Different communication tool has diverse function and they are applied in the specific situations based on their pros and cons. In the chocolate industry, because chocolate is low-involved product, marketing communication is especially important for the chocolate companies. The famous chocolate company, M&M’s, which is owned by Mars, doesn 't perform well in the chocolate market, thus the original IMC campaign is aim to raise awareness for M&M’s. Key words: Marketing communication, Advertising, Public relations, IMC, M&M’s Introduction All kinds of corporation, government, charity or NGO need to communicate with their stakeholders in order to satisfy their needs, at the same time, they will choose the appropriate tools to deliver their messages (Fill, 2005). In order to build a good brand image, markers usually also use marketing communication to create, send and evaluate their brand messages in terms of choosing diverse communication tools, such as advertising, public relations, sale promotion, direct marketing, personal selling etc. (Ouwersloot and Duncan, 2008).However, each tool has different function and can be applied in the specific situation. Especially, some special events have grown a lot over the few decades. (Jago, 1998; Allen et al., 2008). Marketing communications have been regarded as a key element for the success of
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