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MARKETING HOME ASSIGNMENT By: Szeremlei Péter Seminar Leader: Kapitány József Module Leader: Dr. Tom Owens Topic: Communication Tools Abercrombie & Fitch Co. 1 Introduction In terms of the general perception of all of the marketing mix elements that a firm may employ, it is perhaps ‘promotion ' that is the most prominent ‘P ' in the ‘4 P 's '. In fact to many people promotion is marketing. Promotion is a part of a firm 's overall effort to communicate with consumers and others about its product or service ‘offering '. Both the company and the consumer have needs which they aim to fulfill; the profit making company wishes to improve or maintain profits and market share, and gain a better reputation than its…show more content…
Companies can gain some control over the publicity it receives by the release of news items. Put together, these promotional activities make up the promotional or communications mix with varying emphasis on each element according to the type of product or service, characteristics of consumers and company resources. Company size, competitive strengths and weaknesses and style of management all influence the promotional mix. Other communications elements with which promotion must be coordinated are the product itself, price and distribution channels used. Product communication, including brand name, design of packaging and trade-marks are all product cues which convey a message about the total product offering. Price can communicate different things under varying circumstances, for instance conveying ‘prestige appeal ' for those buyers who perceive that a high price is equal to quality and prestige. The place in which the products are to be found also has notable communications value. Retail stores have ‘personalities ' that consumers associate with the products they sell. Products receive a ‘halo effect ' from the outlets in which they can be found and two stores selling similar products can project entirely different product images. For example, a perfume sold through an upmarket store will have
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