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Astro will conduct a marketing campaign for Astro Byond from 26th November 2011 – 7th December 2011. The marketing objectives are to create awareness on Astro Byond, attract more customers for gain more sales and increase Astro market share in Malaysia broadcasting industry. In this report, a research done on broadcasting industry situation analysis, SWOT and PEST analysis to understand the challenges that Astro face in this industry. In this marketing communication, I will use marketing elements such as Exhibitions and Personal Selling as main activities and Advertisement, Letters & Brochures and Partnership Promotions as supporting activities. The Marketing strategy will assist each marketing element to achieve the
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Different type of marketing methods will employ to gain and attract the target group of customers. There are a proportion of budget set aside for develop other additional marketing tools. Kindly refer on Proposal in Appendix 1.0.
2.0 Situation Analysis
I am writing a report on the marketing communication for lunch of Astro Byond. Before I proceed on the communication plan, a situation analysis has undertaken to understand the variables in the industry.
Malaysian Televisions are currently growing at about 5.5% per annum (Groves, June 2007). Media Prima Berhad (MPB) which owns all four private terrestrial channels is profitable in annually and Astro, the dominant Pay-TV enjoying increasing in subscriptions and revenues per annum, is set for further expansion as it adds dozens of channels to its line-up (Groves, June 2007). Media are using a combination of FTA and pay-TV to reach the Chinese and Malay segments of the population while the Indian segment can often be targeted by pay-TV alone (Groves, June 2007). The development of IPTV and Mobile TV in Malaysia less competitive rather than other media which it’s been hindered by bandwidth constraints (Groves, June 2007).

2.1 PEST Analysis of Broadcasting Industry
The stability in Malaysia politics has endurance Malaysian broadcasting industry growth rapidly in recent years. Government has issue license for Astro as sole Pay TV operator which create opportunities Astro grow without competitions
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