Marketing Communications And Event Technology Services

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I’ve sold business communications and event technology services since the mid-1980s, starting with “in-house” sales, where I produced business presentations for different groups within my company. While I was expected to meet quarterly quotas, these sales moved, what’s called “soft-money” between departments’ P&Ls, versus exchanging hard monies. It was a great place to start, a low-pressure sales environment where I didn’t have to find and convert leads into customers, and could focus on learning how to build and manage client relationships.
For the last ten years, I’ve sold similar services, first inside hotels that outsourced this function to the company I presently work for, and more recently for clients anywhere in North America that need simultaneous interpretation for government and business meetings. Only now, I compete on the open market, I have to find for prospects, and present value propositions to close sales.
I was able to relate my sales experience (gained on the job versus formal training) to Chapter 13’s discussion and explanation of salespeople’s roles and how they create value. Below I explore this week’s discussion topics.
Tanner and Raymond (2010) suggest that creating value, managing relationships, and gathering information are the three primarily roles that salespeople should perform for their employers. Solving customers’ “problems is what creates value for them” (TFG, 2016. para. 2). Creating value starts by identifying the client’s
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