Marketing Communications Assignment

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Marketing communications assignments….

1.2 External analysis

Environmental factors:

- Social: o There are numerous social issues in regards to the alcohol industry. These range from associated disease as well as health and safety impacts from high levels of alcohol consumption, to under-age drinking and third world countries the portion of spending money on alcohol versus basic needs. o Domestic violence has consistently risen and has been linked to the consumption of high levels of alcohol.

- Demographic:

- Technological: o The malting industry has introduced automation and computerisation to reduce labour requirements and to improve product quality control. o The has been renewed pressure
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Its Australian been operations include 6 breweries. The largest brewery is in Melbourne, which has a 560 million litre annual production capacity. The company currently comploys over 6000 employess and generates over $4.5 billion in reveunue o Coopers Brewery Limited: Coopers is a family-controlled company based in Adelaide. The company brews ales and stouts, and its products are now marketed nationally and internailly. The company promotes its self on the bsis of its strong family brand, its long history in the market, and the uniqueness of its beers. It has retained traditional labelling and brews without preservatives. Currently Coopers holds 3.6% of the market share in the beer and malt manufacturing industry.

o Indirect competitors o Future Competitors

4. Campaign Budget.
- Objective and task budgeting: generally regarder as the most sensile and dfendable advertising budgeting method. Advertisers must decide specifically what role they expect advertising to play for a brand and then set the budget accordingly. Within this advertising campaign we expect to increase brand awareness whilst also shifting Tooheys New from a mid tier beer company into one of the front runners of the beer industry alongside with Carlton Draught, VB etc. 5 steps to this method:
- establish specific marketing objectives that need to be accomplished, such as sales volume, market share, and profit contribution.
- Assess the

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