Marketing Communications Based On Social Media

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Traditional marketing communications mainly rely on television, radio and newspapers and other media, which is one-way medium. (Banerjee, 2015) Its mode of transmission is monotonous, high communication costs, and the communicating effect is hard to accurately evaluate. However, the reform of social media which is two-way communication can bring to the changes of integrated marketing communication, with which the using habits of consumers have dramatically also changed. Therefore, the traditional media and former marketing tools cannot meet the requirement s of new media age. Enterprise should combine traditional media with new media (especially for social media) to develop marketing strategies in order to enhance brand value and…show more content…
(2011) suggest that organization can develop strategies to monitor, understand, and respond to different social media activities. They put forward a framework, called the “4Cs”. First, cognise—each organization should try to recognise and understand its social media landscape; second, congruity—each organization should develop strategies that match the different social media functionalities and their goals; third, curate—each organization should develop a policy about who should listen to conservations on a social media platform and when; Lastly, chase— each organization should undertake environmental scanning to understand the speed of conservations and the information flows that could affect the organization and the market. In addition, Mangold and Faulds (2009) highlights that earlier advertisers had the entire control of their marketing communication activities but with the advent of social media advertisers has control only on the placement of the advertisement but then the control shifts to the consumers. Social media marketing communications gives consumers the power not only to talk to the advertiser but also to an infinite number of other consumers who may be registered on that particular platform. Banerjee (2015) in the recent study interviewed some FMCG organizations who are interviewed with regard to how to compare traditional media and social media as a marketing communication tool. Banerjee concludes their opinions from three aspects. First, interviewees
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