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Marketing Communications Memo PSY/322 February 6, 2012 Charles Dudek Marketing Communications Memo There is no doubt that having a better understanding of different consumer demographics will impact marketing and has an effect on marketing communications. How messages are communicated most effectively can change depending on who the target audience is. A message that is targeting young consumers, like an advertisement for the Twilight movie would be different than one targeting men. The same can be said for having a better understanding of the psychographics of the consumers. Knowing the different interests and lifestyle of the target population can help tailor the message to be most effective. People who are interested in…show more content…
One advertisement is for the Thomas Edison State College. That advertisement appeals to the typical military member because it highlights that the programs are designed for military personnel and the need for flexible schedules. It also appeals to military members because it highlights that the program will accept military training as college credits. Those factors are ones that are important for the target audience because the military lifestyle is typically not a predictable one. Knowing that a university understands the challenges of that unpredictable lifestyle and has designed a program to meet those needs will appeal to a large population of military members. Highlighting that the college accepts military training is also important because that will give the consumer hope that they can finish their degree requirements quicker, since they will start will college credits. The other advertisement on that is another example of an online university attempting to appeal to military students is from Ashford University. This advertisement does not highlight the flexible schedule or credit for military training. Instead it appeals to the patriot side of the military members. The image of the soldier wearing his helmet attempts to appeal to the patriot side of the readers and form a bond with them. Without highlighting the
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