Marketing Communications Methods

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Scheduling refers to the time frame of when the marketing communications methods will occur, this fixes up a pattern of time of when the messages will be delivered to the targeted audience in an accurate way and a suitable timing. There are three models of advertising scheduling: continuity, flighting and pulsing. Continuity is a model best suit products or services that do not rely seasonally for advertisements, for having a continuous demand year round. The advertisement of the firm runs throughout a year on a regular and fixed basis. The advantage of this model is reminding the firm’s targeted customers continually about the key message that the firm would like to communicate with. Flighting, also called bursting, this is a model for products based seasonally. The advertisements run on an irregular basis, for very short periods. The advantage of this model is to reduce waste of budget as the advertisement will only broadcast during peak hours of the day. The most used media for this model is television and radio. Pulsing is a model combination of continuity and flighting. Advertisements of this model will be broadcasting yearly however at a lower rate; heavy advertisements at peak times, vice versa. It is important to correctly select the model of advertisements for the firm, the advertisements should be sufficient to deliver the message but should avoid any waste of budget as possible. Scheduling is important, especially under a fight budget; the firm would like a
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